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Transformative personal training from the comfort of your own home

Here at The Home Workout Hub, we are passionate about changing peoples lives through effective workouts, followed by implementing healthy lifestyle changes to achieve success. Our knowledgeable trainers are determined to get you looking and feeling great.






Book your free at-home consultation and taster session

We find a slot that is suitable for you and take you through a fitness strategy consultation based on your health & fitness goals. This usually lasts no longer than 25 minutes. Following that, you will then have your free taster session where our trainer will take you through some of the exercises that may be included in your tailored programme. Your taster session will last approximately 40 minutes.

Therapy Session

Choose your package and start your programme

Choose a package that suits you and your lifestyle. This can be from one to three sessions a week, which can be easily fit into your schedule. Your trainer will not only provide you with a completely bespoke programme, but also guide you in terms of nutrition, advice, and complimentary exercises. we have flexible at-home and online programmes available.


The best bit - SEE RESULTS!

After completing your programme, you will have reaped the rewards from doing personal training with us. You will be fitter, stronger, and will have gained tonnes of knowledge on exercise and nutrition! But you don't need to stop there...
If you enjoyed your sessions and seen the results you were looking for, then you can join many of our longstanding clients and continue to train under The Home Workout Hub at a discounted rate.


Why do our clients stay with us?

Although getting results is the main key to your sessions, it is only one aspect of the whole programme. Throughout your training you will:

              Gain confidence

              Learn new exercises

              Understand nutrition

              Feel happier from exercise

              Enjoy a healthier lifestyle

But ultimately, it's our dedicated and approachable team who will become your coach, your support, and your training buddy.


Where are we currently based?


If you would like to query your area with the team, please get in touch to discuss.




Why online PT?

Online personal training has become a staple in many peoples lives around the world. It is an effective way of keeping fit and healthy whilst juggling work, family life, and all of those daily chores which take up valuable time. If you are out of THWH areas listed on the map, or simply prefer this type of training, we got you covered.

About Adam

Adam is the owner and founder of The Home Workout Hub, based in Flintshire, North Wales. He started his personal training journey in a local gym, and after an incredibly successful start to his business, decided to start training his clients from the comfort of their own homes.

Adam is passionate about mindset transformation as well as body transformation. This led Adam to further increase his knowledge by gaining qualifications in nutrition and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming).

What People Say

"I started training with Adam last year and it was the best decision I have made. He always goes above and beyond to cater to your individual needs and goals."



—  Josie Oldfield, Veterinary nurse


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